Q. Is the park open?

A. The park is open and accessible year round, and you can surf the waves 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We see hearty souls in the river in the winter months, and right after the ice goes out in the spring.

Q. Where can you get equipment in town?

A. Check out our equipment page with detailed information on it. If you are interested in setting up a kayak, tube, and whitewater supply store in Charles City please contact the Charles City Area Chamber of Commerce. The community currently has need for several businesses to invest in Charles City in conjunction with the WhiteWater course.

Q. How much does it cost to get on the river?

A. Zero. It’s free to ride the river. The only time there is a fee to ride the waves is if there is an organized event and the participants and organizers have a fee to play.

Q. Can my group hold sanctioned events there?

A. Yes, and we’re ready to help you. Please visit our requests page (or call the Charles City Area Chamber of Commerce at 641-228-4234) to investigate holding a competition on Iowa’s first WhiteWater course.

Q. When will you close the river because the water is too high?

A. The City of Charles City does not close the river. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) would be the only agency allowed to close the river, and it’s not likely to happen. Recreational users of the river need to use their judgment when the river is too much for them.

Q. I have a question I want to ask. Where can I get an answer?

A. E-mail info2014@ccwhitewater.com and we’ll get you an answer.