Selling alot of gear
  • Possibly moving, which will happen in the middle of winter. Didnt get to paddle all this last season with how busy the family business has been and this move will only make it worse so I'm willing to let my gear go for pretty cheap.
    here is my CL ad link

    Otherwise here is the description of everything I have.

    If you want to buy everything as a package I'll knock another $100 dollars off.
    So that would be $700 for EVERYTHING.

    Jackson Super Hero - $250 - Great condition, happy seat, float bags included, normal wear and tear of from running class 3-4 waters in Eagle county, CO.

    Dagger King Pin - $100 - This is my playboat beater... I got this to run the play waves in Glenwood and Vail when water levels got to low to river run. This one is in a bit rougher shape than the Jackson but doesnt leak, boofs well, and really where else can you find a $100 playboat? Float bags included on this one too.


    AT Bent shaft paddle - $100 Great paddle good condition, not carbon fiber but this one has never failed me, great for playboating and river running.

    Astral Adult Medium / Large PFD - $100 All seams in excellent condition (retail on this was over $200)

    NRS Triton Drytop (L) - $100 - Excellent shape, only wore it in the early spring when the water was still freezing. All gaskets in great shape, maintained with gasket treatment regularly.

    Ladies Splash Top - A simple splash top $25, take the GF / Wife out and she wont get as cold / wet.

    Snapdragon Skirts (both for L / XL cockpits) one has adjustable baffle one is regular - $40 each

    Farmer Johns - got these to stay warm in the cold season, $10 size L one snap kinda sucks but these are primarily to cover your legs to stay warm.

    WRSI helmet M / L - $25 the patented design to make sure your helmet doesnt slip up your noggin when underwater in rocks and rapids... safety first!

    NRS Mystery Titanium gloves - $15 REALLY WARM! Loved these things These are the $60 gloves with the hydro cuffs and rubber seams, Rubber grip with neoprene padding.

    Rescue / Tow Strap - $10 Just please be careful with this thing it can drown you if you dont know what you are doing and or dont have a rescue PFD.

    NRS Booties L - $10 Seriously if you want these more power to you I've had to drink a few beers out of these from unwanted wet exits on the rivers.

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