SUP LD Race on the 29th?
  • Does anyone know the distance and route of the race at the CCWWC???

  • About 3 miles from Red Cedar Lodge down to the pedestrian bridge(old swinging bridge). shuttle services will be provided
  • what time does it start? Are there different cats (12'6 and under-14's)? Anyone wanting to enter any of the events could use some info, i.e times each one will start (if someone wants to do the ld sup race and it doesn't start till 3 or 4....)
  • Our events will begin at 10 AM. We have the SUP distance race scheduled for the afternoon - It is hard to say a specific time but I am guessing around 3:00ish. As for your different categories inquiry, we had planned to do this as an open event this year, with a men's and women's division. Hope this helps. Please call Ginger at the Chamber if you have additional questions (641-228-4234) Thanks!

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