The CCWWC Rodeo
  • Will the rodeo take place in Docs Drop or Exit Exam? How will it be scored and who is judging? What is the time per ride?
    If all goes well, exit will make a great spot to get the most hq tricks done. So who's got what for tricks these dayz?
    Doc and I should be able to make it if we can reschedule a few things. If we do you all know we're bringing some GBC with us!

  • The event will be held in either Docs or Exit depending on flows and which 1 is working the best for everyone. They are going with the Hometown Throwdown scoring system this year instead of the ICF. "Two rides(1minute) and You get points for EVERYTHING! From the front surf, to loops, from a wathunk (awkward/fast flip upstream totally by accident) to panams (if ya got’m) the scoring is simple and everyone has a shot."
    As far as judges we are still working on lining them up. Hope to have 2 per men's & women's. If you have any interest in volunteering contact or reply here

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