First real flood test!
  • Just did a midnight gauge check and it looks like its going to get wild on the Cedar. NWS is pedicting a crest of 20' or 21,500 CFS on Tuesday at noon. That is is 2' over major flood stage! Wow I hope it all goes well. Check the forecast here,1,1,1,1,1
  • 10,000cfs this morning and the wave at Dam drop has reappeared. I'm heading up in person to see 1st hand what it looks like. The next 2 days should tell the story of how everything turned out. I'll keep posting updates as features return.
  • Thanks for checking on this, John. I was looking at coming up Saturday and Sunday, but want to know what the place looks like at 3000 or less, after the flood waters go down. Wonder if the features have changed any?

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