• For people who aren't experienced - what can visitors expect from different cfm levels?
  • When you say visitors, I'm assuming that you mean people who are getting in the water...

    Every river is different, but because Charles City's whitewater course was designed and built for a specific function, there is more consistency and predictability to the flows relative to the CFS.

    Lower flows will still provide plenty of entertainment for tubers and will also provide a great environment for learning whitewater skills. As the flow increases, the waves become more pronounced and require more boat control in order to stay on the wave and surf or perform "tricks". Higher flows also increase the fun levels for compitent boaters.

    Encourage people to be wary of sudden spikes in CFS due to heavy rain, as this typically carries large, and large amounts, of debris into the riverway for a period of time. Any debris in the river can be very dangerous as it often recirculates in the "hole" features and can be difficult to see in the dirty storm water.

    If you can swim, you can kayak... get in a boat and try it. It will give you a great perspective on what to talk about with visitors.
  • Sorry on the delay on this, I have been compiling data from each of my visits to give more accurate description of what paddlers can expect from each of the features @ different CFS levels. This has proven slightly difficult as the features have slightly changed over the summer with a couple of high water events, but I should have a more accurate account after spring flows. This will be from my perspective(a very novice playboater) so I gladly would welcome the input of the more skilled playboaters like any of PRP crew!
  • As a hack from the PRP Crew....if you want to learn...450 cfs to 1900 cfs is the range for beginners. 1900 to2500 cfs is for intermediates. Above that your crew needs to be skilled. Doc's Drop is munchy above 900 cfs.

    John, you're a very good playboater let's keep hitting it at the 1200 cfs level!!!

  • Nice update on the American Whitewater site's description of CCWwP. Good general description of what to expect at different levels. Also he adjusted the level down to 200 for minimum flow. Nice job Doc!
  • Today after yesterday's rain the gauge had risen off of it's 200cfs mark and I decided to go out a hit it. When I got here the level was 775. All 3 features were mostly greened out into inconsistent secondary breaking features. Major bummer. Never have seen it like this on all the features before. Needs to either go up or down; preferably up!
  • Hey Farmer_John, did you get any indication as to the new levels? Looks like it topped out at 900 cfs over the weekend, but I'd like to know what is acceptable. Would love to get up there soon!
  • James it was about the same yesterday at 700cfs. Nothing breaking with any retention, so no spins or any other moves. I could get good surfs on DD and Docs, even though it was greened out(stay forward/neutral when surfing). There was a small break on the left side of exit but wasn't very good. I don't remember the features all being like this at once. I will update when I see stuff start to break again. Clay Hole should be coming in, right now it is too high.

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