River gauge is at 545 and climbing (22 JUN 2012)
  • Might be a good weekend to go up! The IA games slalom competition is going on there as well.
  • An awesome weekend Saturday (IA games, then playing on the features all afternoon and evening), then hitting it again Sunday morning. Great to see the IWC folks again (Piper, Lyle, Dave Hillman), and Doc even managed to come by on Saturday afternoon for a few minutes.

    Midweek rains in Austin, MN made for a river gauge of 750 cfs on Saturday. I had my first experience surfing Second Chance on Double D on Sunday morning, and I think (for now) that's my favorite place up there ....if only because it's so dang hard to attain, and when I get a long surf on it, I'm sublime, especially if it doesn't cause carnage. :)

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