Planning On Paddling
  • I'm starting this thread as way of people to post when they plan on being at CCWwP. This may end up being a bunch of posts by me saying I'll be there on random days and no response but that is ok. Hope to see everyone on the water soon.

    I plan on paddling tomorrow March 25th at 11:00ish til 2:00. I think a few ISUCK people are planning on being there too.
  • we were overbooked yesterday, so after seeing post on paddling iowa that ISUCK will be town in this weekend, we are looking forward to getting some low water work in today 3/25/12
  • I am planning on paddling this coming Sunday, April 1st. I hope to be there at 11:00ish. Forecast is for the 80's and maybe a little windy, be hey what's a few less mpg's on the drive. Unfortunately not much in the way of rain in the forecast, so be prepared for some ELF boating. See you out there-FJ
  • If they get the rain, there is a solid chance that I will be up there sometime this weekend.
  • Going at noon today. Finally we got some rain!! I'm also planning on going this weekend. I was thinking Sunday because of the weather, but I could be persuaded to go Saturday if anyone is down -FJ
  • i plan on doing a little paddle around 9am on Fir. May 4th if anyone is looking to paddle.
  • Should be a good day today, the river is up to 2500cfs and rising. I'll be there at 1:30 til 4:00ish
  • FJ, its marty from mn. I will be heading down soon I hope. too wet to plant. my number 507 382 9068. give me a call or a text if you want and we could meet up when I head down there. or see you at the festival. Cheers.
  • I'm looking to kayak there this Friday, 5/18/2012. Anybody who wants to join me on the river, I'll be there around noon.
    Brett M.
  • Brett, CC is like way low...perhaps clay hole would be a better option. Are you coming for the whole weekend?
  • RayJ,
    I was only going to be there Friday and maybe Saturday morning. I may go to Clay Hole instead as the gauge keeps dropping in Charles City. Clay Hole is perfect right now at 4,000cfs.
  • Ic. Thought I'd let you know clay hole may be the better choice this weekend. Have fun!
  • I'm going to CC right now(be there 1:00ish) and I will be at ClayHole on my way back home this evening. FJ
  • Clay hole was pretty good yesterday. Loops, Cartswheels and SUP!ing
  • Was there today. your ass's out there.

  • Group of us going to CCWWP Sat. Be there by 11am & stay most of the day.
  • Anyone going to SUP?
  • Plan to paddle Mon. Around 11AM till about 4PM
  • I plan on going up this weekend (Saturday AM, Sunday 'til mid afternoon) if the water levels cooperate. Would love to have some of you regulars meet me there....then hit the Pub On The Cedar after paddling on Saturday. :)
  • River level was at about 450 cfs on Saturday. Good to see Shelly and James Weeks, and good to see Tracy again and see the fruits of all of hers, Ty's and Steve's efforts at CC. An amazing place. Was hoping to see more of you guys out there, but I kind of had the place all to myself on Sunday AM before I left for home.

    Hope to get back up there in July...if the river stays up! :)
  • I hope to go up some time this weekend. Just checking to see if anyone else was going. River level is just a hair under 2000 and still rising. In Austin it has went from 100cfs 48 hours ago, up to over 1000cfs. It could be a great Easter weekend!
  • I am heading down there this afternoon. It's at 3300 and still climbing quick. I hope it plateaus around 4000. The campground it closed so looking for a place to set up a tent. If anyone is heading that way or thinking about it let me know. My name is Marty 507-382-nine zero six eight. I would be cool meet up and paddle with some crazies.
  • Today or tomorrow anyone?? The water is going down fast, it's under 3k now. I'll Be there about 1:00-2:00, unless I hear from someone. I'll also be up on Saturaday around noon to enjoy the temps in the 50's
  • I should be up tomorrow Friday April 5th at about 1:00ish. I paddled there today with a couple of guys down from MN, they are staying tonight and plan on paddling all day tomorrow as well. The level is pretty fun everything is "in play". I still plan on going Saturday. Hope to see you out there! -John
  • mason city crew and sounds like some I.S.U. group will be there around 11am 4-6-13
  • Another rain event. The thirsty ground isn't going to soak it all. See you soon!
  • Lookin forward to it Marty!
  • I am going to be there tomorrow (firday) around 2 until saturday or sunday evening. Hope to see some boats there. Any questions, 507-382-9068. -Marty
  • I'll try to meet you tomorrow afternoon for a bit. I won't be able to go on Saturday unfortunately, but Sunday I may go if the weather/water are good. -John
  • Brett M. and I have been kicking it around about going up there Saturday. He can't go because of a house-hunting task. I can still be convinced to make the 4.5 hour drive if I know there will be plenty of safety boaters there. Cold water and 2000 cfs - you pretty much need an extra few folks to make for a safe time. Off-water, it's going to be 44 degrees, 10-15 mph wind.
  • Hannah said she's going up Saturday. Looks like high of 48, so I am definitely in the mix too. My dry suit's neck gasket should be sufficiently stretched out. If anyone else is going to be there Saturday/Sunday, let me know because I'm planing on staying over Saturday night if I come up....either Super 8 or "R" campground.
  • If the water continues to rise along with the temps this weekend should be pretty schweeeeeeeeet in chuck city. Hope to see a lot of boaters there. Warm enough to camp!
  • We plan on going up on Friday morning, and spending most of the day on Saturday. Definitely camping is an option.
  • I hope to be up some on Saturday around noon. I don't know if I'll be able to paddle for sure, but at least get some pics and video of everyone else. It should be a beautiful weekend in the river.
  • The Mason City crew will be @ CCWWP 11am to around 4pm. Yesterday drops 2 & 3 were good it was around 1640cfs.
  • Great to see everyone there this weekend. Friday was awesome, above 2200 cfs, and yesterday was equally great. Boaters from KC, MN, NE, IA. The place is blowing up in the region!
  • Is anyone paddling in CC this weekend? I think I might go on Sunday afternoon, if other people are going. I know the CDCP is this weekend. The water maybe warmer than the air temp. If you were wondering where to find the water temp, the waverly gauge was thermometer on it. It is about 30 miles downstream, but should still be pretty close to CC.
  • Last I have heard is a few of us from Mason City and Ames are planning on Saturday. USGS - 1770 cfs Friday. 4:30 pm. David
  • It sounds like gates are getting put up on Saturaday AM. So there should be a pretty good sized crew around. I'm still thinking Sunday sounds like the temps and water will both be higher
  • Hi gang - anyone going to be paddling on Friday afternoon or Sunday?
  • Dave I could maybe do Friday afternoon. Rick from St. Cloud was talking about coming down on Friday too. I'm going this afternoon and there is a couple of dudes there today from Kansas that I had boated with yesterday. Yesterday it was huge and awesome, the level is down a bit but still should be great
  • Hi - I haven't seen a big response for today so I'll aim for coming up Sunday for certain and leave today as a maybe. The level should be in the 1000-3000 cfs range. I'll check back at noon to see what's up.
  • Haven't seen any takers for a Sunday paddle so I'll see what's up next weekend. Everyone have a great Mother's Day.
  • Anyone interested in night paddling at CC on Friday night(17 MAY)....maybe 8pm or thereabouts? I want to get in 2 days of paddling up there, but I have to leave on Saturday evening.

  • Hi James - I don't get home from Toronto until too late but Piper and I are talking about paddling on Saturday
  • Guess not.
  • Stakeout CC countinues! Big gauge spike a bunch more water heading downstream out of Austin. It looks like its going to peak tomorrow Sunday afternoon @ 7500cfs,1,1,1,1,1 . Should be sweet I hope to be there at around 11:00 rain or shine. Looks like a lot of fun on the webcam today
  • Hi John - it was outrageous! Big herd of folks there today. We spent all day at DD as the first and second waves were rocking. River went from 3000 to 5000 cfs and the waves just kept evolving. Some good pictures on the CC Facebook page and I'll get some stuff posted soon. Dropped into Doc's in my Diesel - glad I wasn't in my playboat at that time. Iowa's only waterwater park rocks!
  • Anyone boating at CC on Saturday? Thinking of driving up and hope to findothers there. 25 May
  • Sounds like a few of people are planning o. Being there at 11:00ish, I should be there about 1:00. Flow looks to about 4500-4000cfs. Should be good!
  • I think I'm a scratch for today. It's cold and rainy out and I haven't seen anyone on the webcam all day. maybe tomorrow will be better.

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