Charles City Whitewater Festival June 15-17, 2012
  • See for a flier

    Stay tuned for more info.
  • Should be awesome!
  • Any idea of what all competitions are going to be held? I am so excited for this to go down. Bummer that Wausau decided to change their riverfest to the same weekend. I think by having a bunch of fun events it is going to be GREAT!
  • Would love to have committee members and general assistance planning the entire weekend. Farmer_John and others have already volunteered. Contact us if you want to get in the action!
  • Registration is now open!! Click on the Events tab a to register online. Give us a shout out with questions or registration issues.

    Charles City Challenge: WhiteWater Weekend June 15-17 is anticipated to become a premier annual whitewater event which will attract top canoe, kayak, and stand up paddleboard talent from across the United States and Canada. Events will include: kayak rodeo, kayak down river race, kayak boater cross, kayak best trick, SUP down river race, SUP attainment, SUP best surf, canoe down river race, and canoe best surf. Opportunities for open boating will also allow river enthusiasts of all skill levels to experience the course.

    In addition to fun on the river, Saturday’s events will include: a disc golf tournament, dog jog, downtown farmers market with live entertainment, and vendors in Riverfront Park. Other weekend events will include special Friday evening entertainment with Charles City’s popular summer festivity, Party in the Park, in Central Park featuring live music by The Rude Band along with food and beverage vendors and activities for kids of all ages.

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  • Chucktown: The initial entry fee is in line with other whitewater events, but the additional event fee of $15 a pop seems really high to me. If I wanted to do 5 events, it would cost me $85?? The Missouri Whitewater Races you can do 7 events over two days for the initial fee of $25 and even the Iowa Games event the following weekend at CC is $20 for 3 or 4 events. There may be overhead you incur I'm not aware of and I'm not sure where you're acquiring your liability insurance. The bulk of the participation will likely be in the rodeo and SUP events and most of those folks will likely be doing only one event, but penalizing the folks that want to do multiple events seems like a bit of a participation killer to me. Most folks will spend far more in gas than what they pay in entry fees, but for future events, you may want to take a look at restructuring the entry fees a bit. Regardless, You should have a good turnout and hopefully good weather too.
  • Kinda bummed that I can't be up there for this event. Not much of a competitor but I do enjoy watching all the folks who make it look easy. We will be out of Iowa during this weekend, so we will just have to be here in spirit and let everyone know that we wish them luck as they compete. Have a great time... hope to catch this next year.
  • What is the water flow going to be? Any chance the dam upstream can be adjusted to get a good flow. I know its a ways off but, no water = no fun. Thanks.

    -No.till Marty (a joke for farmer john) :)
  • Water will be low, thats for sure. Do a rain dance! And FJ is not the only farmer type on here. Let's hope for rain and we'll be in hog heaven.
  • It would have been awesome if the owners of the dam, the Mitchell County conservation board, would lower their water level before the events. They have been approached about this on different occasions and they have been non receptive. This maybe an issue that paddling groups like American Whitewater would have in interest in. They have lawyers that only work on these kind of issues. They (MCCB) thought it wasn't fun getting FERC licensing the first time, they really won't like it next time. Or maybe we all play nice. Sorry for the tangent. On the bright side we just hung an awesome course of slalom gates. These are some sweet looking, bullet proof gates! Check the site I believe we have a list of events in order. Registration is at 9:00 am Saturday! Come out and have some fun an show your support for Midwest whitewater.
    -FJ (corn-on-corn)tillin' it!
  • Here it comes Folks!!! Hope it is enough. Even 1500 cfs would be nice. See you this weekend. We shall talk sustainable agriculture... maybe a little boatin' too. Cheers.

    -No.Till Marty

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